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2023 Mini Club Season - Girls

WPVC Mini Club is designed to improve skills and offer a competitive environment over a shorter amount of time. It's intended to give players an opportunity to learn all of the important aspects of the game including the opportunity to compete against other teams in the Central Florida area. The shorter season will also encourage player success while focusing on their technical skills, as we prepare them for regular season.

All Mini Club players need an AAU membership prior to participating, click here for membership:



Serving is your first point of attack. You should always serve to score. We’ll be focusing on improving and perfecting techniques for these sessions.


Keeping the ball alive and setting your teammates up for an attack is an essential skill. We’ll be focusing on being accurate with your passing, as well as techniques to improve your consistency.


For hitting, we’ll be focusing on improving several variations of attack. We’ll be working on your techniques for hitting, including spikes.


Setting is another essential part of attacking. A good set can set up a spike. We work on setting techniques and creating opportunities for teammates to attack.


Blocking is both a defensive and offensive move. If you block a ball at the net, you could potentially score. We work on blocking techniques and timing.


Sometimes you’re not able to get under the ball to make a good play, that’s when you need to go on the defensive. We work on sliding and rolling techniques to improve your defensive play.


If you are new to the club, please read the below directions carefully.

Below you'll find a "Register" button next to each tryout; please click there and you'll be directed to create a user account. This user account should be your child's account using their name and their email (2 children means 2 accounts, etc.). Once complete, you can set up a parent which can then be used to manage 1 or more accounts for multiple children. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our office at 321-972-9991.

$50 Registration fee.

After team placement, a $250 deposit is due to hold your spot. If using a credit  card, there will be a 4% service fee; ACH or check will not incur the fee. All accounts are set-up on auto-pay using either credit card or through ACH for future payments.

United League Mini Club Tournaments - 2023

United League Fall 2023 (Mini-Club)


September 9, 2023

September 23, 2023

October 7, 2023

October 21, 2023 (Season Championships)

*The locations of these mini club tournaments will be held in the home gyms of participating clubs.  The location each team will play may not be known until a few days prior to each tournament  - the United League runs Mini Club and they create the schedules and we will share the information as soon as it is available.  Generally, you can plan on an AM wave (start around 9am – 3pm).